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2005-05-22 - 5:06 p.m.

My weekend in (mostly) pictures:

Note: All of the pictures are clickable, so feel free to click them to view larger sizes or to leave notes and comments. If flickr prompts you to log in, that means the picture is in my private folder and you need to be listed as my friend in order to see it. If you're excited by the idea of being my friend, drop me an email telling me that you're not a stalker and I'll hook you up.

On Friday, I went to my husband's softball game. It's a church league from his parents' church out in the suburbs, so off to the southwest suburbs we went. I would have taken pictures, but I was far too busy keeping score, since their team ended up winning 17 - 6. I was busy. We then went out for beer, which isn't conducive to picture taking (at least, not without more beer than we had).

My dog had an appointment with the groomer on Saturday in the early afternoon. He HATES the groomer. My husband has to go and stay to help her because we have to hold his head. Now, we're using clicker training, but it takes some time. He was better than last time we went, but my poor husband still had some pretty nice marks on his arm. The result was beautiful!

Ogie after grooming

Ogie's freshly groomed butt
Yes, that's me. Enjoy the butt shot.

Ogie's good lookin'
He got a bandanna from the groomer to match his Cubs collar. She was fairly horrified that he had a Cubs collar at all (it is Bridgeport, after all), but she still wanted it to match after a little heckling.

Sleepy dog
After a full day of fighting with the groomer and barking and whining miserably, he was exhausted.

We then got ready and into our formalwear for a work social event at the Shedd Aquarium. It was really fun and well done. And the Shedd is one of the best places in the city for skyline and Lake Michigan pictures.

Chicago skyline
This even shows the Navy Pier ferris wheel lighted up. It's my favorite time of day to view the skyline, and I also really enjoy putting sets of pictures together like this. I did it a lot manually in a photography class, and so I made my husband put it together for me digitally.

Still more from the Shedd
Taking pictures on the low light setting having just had 4 beers in 2 hours. Not so good. I'm going to go with the "artsyness" excuse as opposed to the "drunkenness" excuse.

Lake Michigan and the Adler Planetarium
I love Lake Michigan.

Beluga at the Shedd
Aww. She (he?) is doing the backstroke. Do whales do the backstroke?

After further review, it was really only my Saturday in pictures. Not the weekend in pictures. Oh well. I tried.

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