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2005-03-26 - 6:42 p.m.

A little extra about me:

It's one of those days where nothing is really happening (including the laundry I should really be doing). You know, the type of day I've been having since my husband left for China (3 more days...3 more days...). Therefore, I'm going to do a little full-of-myself-y list.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: I don't own a scale. Last time I was at the doctor it was 114 lbs.

M/S: Married. Obviously. Pretty sure I talk about my husband enough for you to know that already.

Age: 25

Favorite Drink: Beer. I have picky moods and not-so-picky moods, but I almost never stray from beer. Two exceptions: My standard drink for weddings is the lovely vodka tonic (if I'm getting drinks for free, I'm not going to drink from the Bud/Miller/Heineken trifecta), and there's a bar in Oklahoma City I went to when visiting one of my bestest friends that sells this sweet drink called "Sooner Swirl" that's a mix of blended sangria and blended margarita. I'm not huge on girly drinks like that, but wow. That made me happy. (once caveat that may or may not qualify as an exception -- if I'm on a beach in Mexico, I had darn well better have a pineapple in my hand with pina colada in it)

Education: B.A. with honors in Geography. My minor was urban studies.

Likes (not comprehensive): My husband; dog; family (his and mine); reading; lakes; Chicago; autumn (I was going to write "fall" but then I worried that it might not have enough context and you might think I like falling. Which I don't. See "Dislikes" section); the Great Lakes in the following order: Michigan, Superior, Huron, Ontario, Erie; beer and also making beer; J.S. Bach; cooking, as long as it's not just for myself; hockey; baseball; Michigan; weather; photography; writing; singing (in choirs, not the karaoke type); Alaska; TiVo; finding a bra that fits and is comfortable; winter (until about late March)

Dislikes (again, not comprehensive): Working in retail; heights (unless I'm completely closed in. I love going to the top of the Sears Tower and the Hancock building, but I can't go between cars on the el); movies (there are some I love, but on the whole I'd rather just read a book); parasites (someday maybe I'll relate the horrifying story of the time I had a BIG FREAKING TICK on the back of my head); basketball (exception: my alma mater's basketball team); suburbs (not the people who live there necessarily, but the lack of planning that went into them, the lack of public transit, and so on); lightning (yes, it's beautiful. It also kills more people than tornadoes and hurricanes combined); Cadbury Creme Eggs; swimming in the ocean (gross. salt.); Denver, CO; my next-door neighbor on the south side of the house; temperatures above 85 degrees; Spring (the budding plants and trees don't make up for the dirty snow and mud)

Some quirks:
-Most movies terrify me. Not just the R rated ones, PG-13 ones will give me nightmares as well.
-I HATE diamonds. Except in situations where they're only accent stones to other, prettier stones like black opals, emeralds, rubies, and such. If my husband had proposed to me with a bit fatty diamond solitare I would have said no. He knew this however, and so we escaped that sad fate.
-I have a sweet tooth exactly once a month. The rest of the time I'm more than willing to just forget dessert entirely.

Things that have recently made me happy:
-A great guy we often see at our regular bar spotted me waiting for the bus and gave me a ride to the el. Little small town-y things in Chicago.
-I took a nap today from 10:30am-11:30am.
-While I was walking the (beautiful) dog today, some random guy yelled from across the street "Hey, awesome dog!" Awww. Thanks! He thinks so too.
-I stayed up past 9:15pm last night for only the second time since my husband has been gone. (the first was Night One of The Great Furnace Fiasco of '05) Granted, I was lying in bed reading, but I was still awake when Conan came on! Slightly less pathetic!
-Reading Mimi Smartypants archives and coming across this entry. I laughed out loud. Of course, I am a bit umm... shall we say... frustrated? now. You know. The whole being alone for 2 1/2 weeks thing. But you didn't want to know that, did you?

Okay. Enough blah blah blah about me. How are YOU doing?

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