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2005-05-20 - 10:59 a.m.

Wow, it's been a bit since I've been able to update. Work has been BUSY this week, so you all lost. Sorry. About the losing.

Fucking White Trash

Everyone knows that I really like living in Bridgeport and that I don't swear very often. Not so much today.

I spent an hour on Tuesday planting our flowerbox around the tree on the parkway. We had impatiens on two sides, little blue fuzzy flowers (I forget what they're called) on two sides, and pink and orange gerbera daisies in the two corners that we see from the house. I had been planning on taking pictures to post on flickr (I already took the picture of the flowerbox on the porch), but it was rainy and gloomy here and I was waiting to show them in the pretty sunshine.

My husband left the house this morning to take my mom to the airport (she was visiting for a day from Michigan. More on that later) and noticed that someone had FUCKING STOLEN the two corner daisies. Now, annoying because:
1.) They were the most expensive ones. At $5 each, it's not going to break us, but people obviously don't want to steal the cheap flowers.
2.) We live a block and a half from a drug store with a huge outdoor display of flowers. During the night, it's closed off. But you could pretty much just reach over the fence and steal them. Why steal from a flowerbox that has already been planted?
3.) Who the fuck steals flowers that people have already planted anyway?

We have our (adorable) dog, so we walk around the neighborhood a lot. And these were pretty unique flowers. So whoever did it had better hope that they're not out in their yard when my husband is walking the dog, because he's pretty pissed off about it.

Therefore, a direct quote from my (very pissed off) husband. "Fucking white trash. Fucking Bridgeport can kiss my ass. I'm not mad about having to move* anymore -- we can move to Garfield Ridge or McKinley Park or wherever. Fuck them."

*because of the out of control rent prices.

I realize that it's not like anyone broke into our house. But in a way, it's almost more hurtful. People who break into a house cause more damage, but at least they're getting something for it. They're not just taking something with no value but sentimental. Jerkwads.


Weird Day on the CTA

First off, I'm obviously a poet and don't know it. Until now. Because I do know it and am writing about it. Anyway. (Brain fried from work. Send beer.)

Now, today was just odd. Usually the Orange Line is the most normal CTA line out there. It's pretty much just middle class people riding the train to work or school. There are often squealing groups of girls/boys going home from shool in the afternoon, but when compared to the crazy stuff I've seen on most of the other lines (Yes, Red and Blue Lines. I'm talking about you.), it's not too bad.

I got on the train today, and immediately heard shrieking coming from the hobo corner. Further observation showed that there was a bug of some sort -- perhaps a bee? One girl whipped off her shoe, handed it to the other, and screeched, "KILL IT WITH MY SHOE." Then the girl banged the shoe fiercely against the window. Then they sat down and giggled for a while.

A (youngish) man was sitting in a seat, asleep, wearing a jeans, a red hoodie, then a black hoodie over that, then a pinstriped suit jacket on top.

The Cubs/Sox Series

I refuse to make predictions. Baseball is too volatile. That being said, I do think it could be an interesting series. The Cubs have had a lot to play for the past few years, and the Sox haven't. The Sox won most (all? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look it up) of the recent series. This year, however, the Cubs can't really do too much worse (well, they could if Derek Lee weren't playing like the second coming of Babe Ruth, but I'll pretend they're at the bottom right now. For my own happiness' sake.), and the Sox are on fire. Who knows? Maybe it could turn the season around. Or send it down the toilet. Or do nothing to change what's been going on. See why predicting baseball-related stuff isn't fun?


Gah. GAH! I'll have to write about the rest of the week some other time. I'm getting beaten down by some deadlines here.

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