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2005-05-13 - 11:35 a.m.

Things I forgot to mention...

-I'm wearing my Cubs underpants today. This means that if they don't win, it's obviously the underpants' fault and I can't wear them when the Cubs are playing. This would be bad since they're really cute.

-We got a second refrigerator to use exclusively for making beer. Some beers (lagers, which include pilsners, schwartzbiers, Oktoberfests, and many other German-style beers) need to be fermented at lower temperatures. 40-50 degrees. So yes, we have a full-sized fridge in the garage for beer. Obsessed?


I like Friday the 13th. I like the number 13. Good things tend to happen to me on Friday the 13th's. Also, I tend to like things that other people hate just because I feel sorry for them. For instance, I felt really sorry for my left hand when I discovered that in French, "gauche" is both the word for "left" and "not very cool" (I'm not so good with exact translations) even though I'm right handed. And can't tell my right from my left anyway.* But 13 has always been my favorite number. Then I discovered that people's favorite numbers tend to be single digits (perhaps because of the "guess a number from 1 - 10" game?) so I adopted 8 as well. Mainly because I like the symmetry of the two circles. But 8 is still in far-second place to 13.

*No, seriously. I really can't tell my right from my left. It's not just a funny ha ha thing.
-When riding in the car while my husband drives, I tell him to turn right and he turns left because he knows that I can't actually say what I mean. I've started just thowing my hand in front of his face and pointing while he drives because it's less likely to get us in an accident than my telling him to turn down a one-way street.
-My mom was visiting and we were all getting off of the elevator to go to her hotel room. She said, "It's to your left," and I immediately turned right. She then said, "Oh yeah. You never could tell your right from your left."
-People always tell me to make my thumb and forefinger into an "L" shape and then whichever one actually looks like an L is the left hand. When I do this, I get a mental block and forget which way the L is supposed to go. So then I'm both directionless and also starting to lose my language skills.

Oral (hee hee) Surgery

Well, that jaw pain I was complaining about in my last entry? Yup. The dentist took lots of x-rays and I am definitely going to have to get my wisdom teeth out. I'm happy about that because I really don't need them to screw up my very-expensively-straightened and already-a-little-out-of-place teeth. I'm not so happy about that because the oral (hee) surgeon can't get me in for a consultation until June. Seventh. Which is
a.) my second wedding anniversary
b.) not for almost a month. And my mouth hurts.
Now, I was thinking before I made the appointment, and realized that I'm not going to have time to be laid up and on drugs for 4 days until June. But that's MY decision. Not theirs. I don't like other people being so in control. Especially when I'm the one in pain.

On the plus side, I get to write "oral" far more than I usually do. The main drawback is that umm.... how to say this delicately... umm... my mouth hurts. Which is bad for the oral. You know what I mean. Or something. I'll stop now.

I [heart] Claire Zulkey

She wrote an amazingly funny piece about Lake Michigan today. Go read it, and you'll know why the Official Quote of the Day today is "Lake Michigan has four other Great Lake brothers that will step to its side if you start fronting."

The weekend

My weekend is shaping up to be full of tooth pain, cleaning, and beer making. Happily, we'll be home. With less gallivanting about and more actually making the house look like a tornado didn't just fly through it.

We'll be making our hefeweizen to be used in my in-laws' kegerator. That's right. Their cottage in Wisconsin has a bar in the basement with a kegerator. With our beer on tap. It's like heaven.

And we'll just generally be hanging out in the neighborhood. I love where I live.

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