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2005-05-16 - 5:39 p.m.

At least I know why (sort of)...

Generally, I try not to use PMS as an excuse. I really don't have it that bad, it just makes me a little more emotionally fragile than usual for three to four days.

For some reason this month, I've been a basketcase since Saturday. I hadn't even taken off my last patch yet! Isn't that stuff supposed to regulate the entire week? I'm providing examples of why you should just take off running in the other direction if you see me walking down the street.

-On Saturday, my husband told me that I should probably turn down the music because since I was doing dishes in the other room, it was too loud for our downstairs neighbor. This then resulted in my crying on the bed for 1/2 an hour. While the poor guy stared at me like I had sprouted a tail.

-It was confirmation day in church on Sunday. Three confirmands (which surprised me. Being a Lutheran* on the Chicago's very Catholic south side means that 20 people at a service on a Sunday is good attendance. Three new members is great!) were up there looking sweet and nervous, and it was exciting. I realized that I can't really remember my confirmation day (which was in 8th grade! It's not like I'm trying to remember back to when I was 5 or something) and got all choked up. Obviously, that means that I'm a horrible Lutheran and don't know anything and shouldn't be allowed to come to church. I spend the rest of the service sniffing and unable to sing because I was trying not to cry. This turned into a huge mental exercise for me as well, and I ended up trying to figure out aspects of my personality that were far too deep for my emotional state at the time. It's best that I don't drag anyone else into that.

-I got far more pissed than I would ever need to about a silly, stupid comment on a comments board. (Please, me, say "comment" more. That will help me sound smart) On a normal day, I would laugh it off as someone who just didn't read carefully.
Dear Stupid Tim,
Obviously I don't think that 11th and State is really the south side. I do, however, LIVE on the south side, which is why I mentioned parking. Bridgeport doesn't have a good animal clinic, so it was much easier for me to drive to the South Loop than it was to drive to Hyde Park. In fact, I get pissed when I have to drive to Hyde Park because there's no freaking parking there. Also, there is more to the south side than Hyde Park which is why I mentioned the clinic at 60th & Wentworth for those farther south than me. Please stop assuming I'm stupid.
Thanks & FYM,

-I nearly cried on the el today when some guy looked at me funny. I then started sniffling a little (my nose gets runny when I try not to cry) and he looked at me funny again. Do you WANT ME TO GO INTO HYSTERICS, GUY? Just keep staring. You'll be sorry.

-I know better than to play UNO with my husband. It generally degenerates into me getting pissed because he's reacting like it's FAR more important than it is and blaming me for making him draw 4 when really I just don't have any other cards. But, on Friday night, after a Chili's margarita and beer, I thought it would be a good idea. Nope. Instead I spent the rest of the night pretending that I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on. I made him add up my cards every time I lost. But I didn't cry or yell which is an improvement over the last time we played UNO five years ago.

*I found the coolest website ever as well. Check out my Lutheran tidbit of the day at the bottom of the page. Also, if you're Lutheran? Play their Lutheran MadLibs. They have "Sin Boldly" homebrewing labels. I may be a dork, but at least I amuse myself...


Some good things!

-The Cubs did win when I was wearing the Cubs underpants I mentioned in the last entry. I can't, however, wear them every day. So, Cubs? Due to hygienic concerns, please start winning when not only when I am wearing those underpants, but also when I am not wearing them. Thanks.

-Susie Sunshine emailed me with one of the coolest innovations I've ever seen. Learn how to make beer in your coffee pot. Granted, I make 5 gallon batches which is a bit more efficient, but dammit, if I'm ever camping and have nothing but beer ingredients and a coffee pot, I'm good to go.

-We stopped at Home Depot yesterday while out in the suburbs, and bought flowers to plant. I have a large flowerbox on my porch that is VERY shaded and also needs tall flowers in order to be seen from the sidewalk. I had been using hostas, but hostas get so boring. So for the flower box, we got a columbine and two fuchsia plants. Then we got some gerbera daisies and impatiens for the box around the tree in the parkway. I'm sure flickr pictures will be forthcoming when I eventually get everything planted. Preferably BEFORE I kill all of the plants. Those pictures wouldn't be as cute.

Update: Here's the pic.

windowbox flowers

Baseball rant du jour

I have two pet peeves that have recently been poked and prodded into HIGHLY INFLAMED PET PEEVE ABSCESSES by both the Chicago and national media.

1.) The White Sox are doing well, the Cubs are doing poorly. The next time I read something from a Sox fan (or anyone, really) that says something along the lines of, "Why aren't the Cubs fans seeing the light and becoming Sox fans?" I'm going to tear out that person's hair. All of it. You don't EVER change your baseball loyalties based on winning or losing. There are very (very very very) few reasons to change baseball loyalties: ideological differences with the management, making a point in protest if you disagree with a team's policies, moving permanently, and a few others on a case by case basis. If the Cubs lost 162 games next year and the Sox won 162, I would STILL hate the White Sox and love the Cubs. I might boycott anything TribCo and/or push for them to sell the team, etc., but I would not jump ship. And I have no respect for anyone who does.

2.) This isn't quite as much of a problem, but it still bugs me. The point of being a fan of a team is to want them to win. People who talk about losing their identity as Cubs fans if they stop being the lovable losers or as Sox fans if they lose their bitterness (as mentioned by John Kass in the Sunday Tribune) make me want to puke. If your team has a reputation for losing, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't want them to win. And if you don't want them to win because you like their loser reputation then maybe you shouldn't be a sports fan. And please don't write about it/call in to sports radio about it/talk about it on TV. Because I'll just keep getting more and more annoyed and you really don't want to deal with me right now.

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