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2005-06-13 - 8:46 p.m.

What? No, really, what now?

So, never one to bow to peer pressure, I've decided to be like two of my favorite Chicago bloggers and start running.

No, really. I'm doing a Couch-to-5K running plan.

So, the fact that I hate all exercise* is not stopping me this time. I'm going to set goals and not go too fast, and even do the running plan in double the time they say if I decide it's too much for me. I'm going to LIKE IT.


Here's the real reason I'm doing it. All of the above sounds great and all, but I'm walking the dog between a 1/2 mile and a full mile every day when I get home from work. So my real reason is twofold:
1.) Why not?
2.) The dog will LOVE it. He already gets a run in the morning with my husband. He's a big, young (almost 3 years) collie mix, and herding breeds are supposed to be great for endurance running.

So, anyway, (if I see that smirk on your face again, I'm going to wipe it off with my foot) I'm running. As of today. In fact, I just got back (and holy fuck it's hot out there).

Though, it turns out that the dog isn't going to be a big help. First off, he's way too sniffy. I can't get more than half a block (and often less) without his stopping to sniff a tree or lick the sidewalk. Second, I don't want to push him too hard. He's got a lot of fur and it's just disgustingly hot out, so I'd rather play it safe than see him get heat stroke. So, I'll work with him this fall and winter to get him to go with me for any length of time -- but the summertime running will have to be me alone.

If anyone is interested in following my (likely very slow and hopefully steady) progress, head over here to my running log.**

*I don't know how much of this is brought on by my dismal performance in childhood sports, my inability to walk up stairs quickly without a pain in my side, and/or my hyper-competitiveness that makes me sure I'm a loser anytime someone does better than me (I'm working on it. Just because I recognize that it's stupid, doesn't mean I can prevent myself from feeling that way, though), but I just Don't Do Exercise.

**The little icon up by the address bar looks like a penis to me. Does anyone else see that? I think it's supposed to be a running shoe, but it looks like a little blue penis.

From Running to Brewing...

We had friends over on Sunday afternoon while we brewed. It was really fun -- though HOOOOT. Boiling 3 gallons of liquid on the stovetop without air conditioning is a good way to send me off to the funny farm.

We made a Berliner Weisse this time. It's a wheat beer fairly prevalent in Berlin (surprise!) that has a slightly sour, refreshing taste. It also is often mixed with either raspberry or woodruff flavored syrups before serving, though neither my husband nor I are big on sweet drinks -- so we're probably going to pass on that.

Will it never end?

Again, with the annoyances of looking like a 12 year old when I'm actually 25.

I went to Osco to pick up a couple of six-packs for the 4 friends coming over to brew. (It is of vital importance that one drinks beer while making it. Just trust me) I picked out Goose Island's 312 wheat and Sam Adams Summertime Ale. Both were very good.

But when I brought them to the counter, and handed the cashier my ID, she held it away from me and asked, pointedly, "What's your birthday?" I answered, and she stared at me for a minute with an annoyed look on her face, and then grudgingly gave my wallet back to me. She didn't act at all friendly (the pharmacists are friendly, but I've met about 2 drug store cashiers who weren't just horribly rude to me) nor did she laugh off her rudeness at accusing me of having a fake ID.

Besides, wouldn't an under 21 year old be buying a lot more beer that's a lot less expensive?

Cutest Thing Ever:

I was leaning against the wall facing the floor stretching my calves (you know, what with the exercise and all), and my dog walked up, sat on the floor directly under me, and started licking my (sweaty) nose. Gross (remember how earlier he was licking the sidewalk?), but very loving and adorable.

I had more to say earlier...

...but it's all gone now. I blame the running.

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