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2005-07-06 - 1:18 p.m.

My hot friend...

...has started a website. It's only about two posts in, but she's a brilliant person and a great writer, so go there. If you don't like animals, though, you might not be such a big fan. But if you don't like animals, why are you reading my site? I mean, really, people.

Wanna buy a car?

So, taking a page from Jen, here's a look at our Craig's List posting. My husband wrote it, and I think did a pretty good job of trying to sell a car that won't run! He's so talented. So, um..., buy it! We'll negotiate. We just don't want to buy a $75 Chicago city sticker on July 15th for a car that we don't use.

Things I Hate
Or, perhaps, things I don't hate but am jealous that I can't do/wear/like without seeming stupid and therefore am jealous.
Or, again, things that I really hate and that make me want to kick people in the jimmy. I'm not telling which are which.

-Those tank tops that are sort of empire waisted and therefore make everyone, even the skinniest of the skinny, look like they're hiding a pregnancy.

-Looking up into tall buildings and seeing the fluorescent lights inside. Skyscrapers are supposed to be majestic, but seeing the lights just makes them seem like boring office buildings.

-Being in Chicago on 4th of July. It's like being in a war zone with all of the fireworks in Bridgeport, and I live in a 108 year old wood house. One would think that Chicago would have learned its lesson concerning fire. But no. There is no enforcing of any laws that ban fireworks, even though Mayor Daley has seatbelt sting operations going all the time to make back the money he spent going hundreds of billions of dollars over budget for Millenium Park.

-Hot weather.

-The @$%!ing St. Louis Cardinals.

-Derek Lee's injured shoulder.

-That my house looks like a storage shed exploded in it.

-Making doctor appointments. Or dentist. Or other things that need to be done that involve using a phone.

-That the above Craig's List ad means that I should really try to find the title to my car. Which I have already had to replace because I lost the first one.

-That I'm really so disorganized I think I should have my Adult License revoked.

-My herbs are all dying, and I don't know why. My part of Bridgeport doesn't have a lot of areas with full sun, so maybe they're pissed that they don't get enough sun. I have a green-ish thumb usually, so I'm very insulted that they're all dying. So I got all passive-aggressive on their herb asses and just let them die.

-Shopping. And malls. But mostly malls. Also, that I tend to leave shopping until the very last minute because I hate it so much and then all of my clothes have holes and pit stains and other nice things. Perhaps I should also have my Girl License revoked.

-Eating too much and getting indigestion. (rare)

-Having to come home from the lake in Wisconsin after 2 1/2 days. I needed a week.

-The guy who hit on me on the bus for the entire ride, forcing me to get off two blocks before I had meant to because I couldn't take the, "Oh, you're reading. Are you a college freshman?" "No." "Oh, then reading is a hobby. Are your eyes gray or blue?"

-The ice cream social in my building is great, but it's pretty much an every man/woman for him/herself kind of thing. It's a bit Darwinistic for my tastes. Also, stopping at every single floor the entire way down so that people can look at the crowded elevator and decide not to get on it is not a good way to start.

-I can't fix my friends' problems, and I don't even know how to try.

-No, seriously. Where do you think the title to my car is? If it's like our taxes, it'll be in our old brew kettle.

-That I have 4 million things I want to write about, but I don't have time to write about them this week.

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