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2005-06-29 - 7:47 p.m.

After a few days of quasi-coherent narratives...

...I'm just all coherent-ed out. So here's some random crap for your clicking pleasure. Or pissed-off-ed-ness as the case may be..

-I took this survey because I'm a sucker for surveys. I wish I knew more about what they were trying to prove/disprove/discover, but it was still fairly entertaining.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

-I'm so excited about going to the in-laws' cottage in Wisconsin this weekend. The dog needs some time to run and swim, I need some time to run and then be able to swim while still all sweaty from the run. My husband and I need some time de-program from his crazy week and my struggling to keep up with the house in this heat.

-I'm a few days late on linking to this post, but this is a great breakdown of why dog bites can't be prevented with breed bans. The best reason I've every encountered to oppose breed bans is this:
Just who do you think is law-abiding? The person who owns, registers, neuters, and trains their dog? Or the person who breeds, abuses, and fights their dog? Let's just guess which of these two people will be losing their dog. The first one. The second one will still have plenty of fighting dogs, they'll just be hidden. Like they were when they bit/mauled someone to get politician's panties in a wad. I don't disagree in any way that dogs can be very dangerous and that can have tragic consequences. But perhaps addressing the underlying issues would be a good idea, as opposed to euthanizing thousands of family pets or forcing people to move out of your city.

-There's not much more slippery than a freshly denuded zucchini.

-It's just out-of-control hot here. I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything, and running has been a struggle. I still enjoy it, but I think I enjoy saying that I've done it the next day vs. actually doing it when it's 88 degrees at 9pm. Also, I can't seem to make food. I was barely able to boil the water for making pasta salad. And I'm really terrified at the thought of putting clothes in the dryer because I know I'll have to take them back out and they'll be hot.

-I generally enjoy reading this site (I don't agree with everything, but I do agree with some of it and it's nearly always presented in an entertaining way), but this specific post was extremely offensive.

I've never questioned whether or not I was going to stay at home when my husband and I have children. It was an easy decision for me (though, yes, I know it's not easy in practice) for a multitude of reasons -- not the least of which is that I simply feel called to do it. I joke about Lutheranism a lot, so it may not seem as if my faith is as important to me as it is -- but during my many frustrations with a career after college, I felt just a bit calmer by realizing through introspection and prayer that I knew there was something I was called to do. It made working at a job I hated a lot easier.

But what about now, when I enjoy my job? I still don't really see any conflict. I'll stay home. If I want to come back at some point (which I'm leaving up to the future to decide), I'll know which company and/or line of work to look at. If I end up having to work a little due to health insurance and such, I'll do it.

That post was probably one of the most judgemental and misinformed things I've ever read, on either side of the political spectrum. I never thought I would find myself defending an likely misogynistic and misguided school. Or girls getting blamed for boys' inability to control themselves after seeing an exposed bra strap. Or homeschooling (which is fine for plenty of kids, but I know I couldn't do it). But beyond the you-can't-judge-anyone-unless- they're-Christian thing that Insulted tends to do (and I do a lot of judging of fundamentalist Christians myself, I just think that painting an entire belief system with the same brush is sort of what Islam and Judaism have been struggling with for a long time, and no rational person would dare to make those blanket statements) which has previously been my main quibble with that site, I'm horrified by the idea that educating yourself is a waste if you don't enter the workforce. Okay, then I guess I'll be wasting the hell out of my life in the future. But there are two points that I need to address or I won't be able to sleep tonight.

1.) Kids shouldn't be raised by the lowest rungs on the educational totem pole. If I, or anyone, has to juggle a career and a family, then I'll make the best possible choices for my child. That child-care workers are among the lowest-paid members of society doesn't do a lot to raise my confidence in the industry. I am fully aware that no kid has a perfect childhood, but given the option I'd like to screw my own child up instead of someone else doing it for me. My college degree will be utilized in a multitude of different ways -- not the least of which are critical thinking skills that I'm sure I'll be thrilled to have come those days of no sleep, followed by the incessant questions stage. Maybe I won't be using GIS or maintaining a database, but I'll be able to ensure that my child gets to benefit from my education and experiences. Now, I would never say that children who go to day care won't end up as well-adjusted as children whose mom or dad stays home, but finding a child-care provider would be pretty difficult if I wanted to find someone with my education, belief system, and experiences. Therefore, why wouldn't I stay home if I want to and am financially able?

2.) I have no duty to this society (or to humanity as a whole) to do what anyone else thinks would be the most productive. That's actually the stupidest argument I've ever read concerning this issue. Perhaps in a communist or fascist country I would end up getting put to work where the government needed me most, but thankfully that's not how a majority of the world works. And while sometimes I've been wondering lately about America's direction (it's not a good time right now to be a libertarian as the Republicans have decided to spend as much money as they can on as many social and religious issues as they can), it still generally professes to love liberty and freedom.

I guess to sum up my point -- do whatever the hell you want. But don't EVER tell me that I'm brainless or stupid because I make a different choice from you. Or your mother. Let's just all get along and sing Kumbayah and roast marshmallows over a campfire.

Or not. I hate marshmallows. Though I do use them to melt the chocolate and then I scrape most of the marshmallow off with the graham cracker before I eat.

-Hee. And after that rant about religion, etc., I followed a random path that led me to this quiz. And you'll never guess which theologian I am:

You scored as Martin Luther. The daddy of the Reformation. You are opposed to any Catholic ideas of works-salvation and see the scriptures as being primarily authoritative.

Martin Luther




John Calvin


Friedrich Schleiermacher


J�rgen Moltmann


Jonathan Edwards


Karl Barth




Charles Finney


Paul Tillich


Which theologian are you?
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