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2005-06-22 - 11:32 a.m.

Baseball bit...

CubsCast, a pretty funny and enjoyable Cubs podcast, has random slogans on its site banner. The other day, it was, "Proudly Endorsed by the Broad Sides of any Barns in the Vicinity of Rick Ankiel." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Ankiel is one of the (VERY FEW) not-so-good members of the Cardinals organization, and was so bad as a pitcher that they have been converting him to an outfielder this year. HA. Take that, stupid Cardinals. I can laugh at your ONE bad player. @#%!ing lucky Cardinals with their perfect team and perfect manager and perfect everything. @$#!ers. (Sorry, Julia. I was feeling a bit bitter today. I'll be perky and quasi-magnanimous some other time...)

List Du Jour:
Things I Have NOT Done This Week to Embarrass Myself:

Note: Nearly everything on this list was done in front of one person. How's that for consistency?

1.) Have walked through a majority (perhaps even a super-majority!) of doors without tripping over the door and falling through it.*

2.) Remembered to go to all meetings I had planned that did NOT a.) include free breakfast, b.) have Mayor Daley as a speaker, and c.) include fun times and free stuff.

3.) Have avoided flashing 90% of the security guards I deal with on a daily basis with a strategically placed open button on my shirt.**

4.) Have gotten food all over myself before only one client meeting.

5.) Have not knocked any garbage cans completely over. All that were knocked over got caught (by me!) before they hit the ground.

6.) Have remembered to go to all work meetings. Granted, I made lunch plans with Dawnie during one and she reminded me of it even though she works at a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMPANY, but is obviously better at knowing my schedule of recurring weekly meetings than I am.

*The door was an auto-open door. One is not supposed to have to touch it. My clumsiness knows no bounds...

**The next day, the guy who alerted me to my exhibitionism wouldn't even LOOK at me. He's shy and quiet anyway, so I'm sure he nearly died of embarrassment.

Oh, and I wrote most of this entry last night, but didn't post until today and TWO of the six things listed above happened between then and now. Gah.

More Listing...

Am in a listy, non-complete sentences mood today. Reason: listed below.

Why I am tired this week (my normal bedtime is 10pm):

Sunday - Father's Day stuff. Had friends coming into town starting on Wednesday, so had to get home from Father's Day stuff and clean my house. No, really. It's been a rough few weeks. I had to clean my house in a serious, getting-rid-of-dog-hair-elephants (as opposed to dust bunnies, get it? HA. Am funny-ish.) and finding-FUCKING-MOUSE-POOP-IN-THE-BACK-ROOM and doing-five-loads-of-laundry-after-7pm kind of way.
Bed: 11:30pm.

Monday - More cleaning, but of the kitchen this time. Pine Sol. Keeping the dog out of the kitchen using a kitchen-chair-barricade (which the dog promptly jumped as soon as my husband walked in the door. It's nice that he doesn't jump things unless he really wants to. I think?). A fairly productive night.
Bed:10:30 (YAY!)

Tuesday - Cleaning. Vacuuming/trying to keep the dog from attacking the marauding vacuum. (phone call from husband) Gah! Make dinner! Find car keys! Can't find car keys! Poor husband has to go to a quasi-mandatory cocktail hour, so wanted me to pick him up at the Orange Line stop so we could head straight out to the homebrewing club meeting. But the other set disappeared, since I never drive. He ended up running home (1 mile) in his nice clothes with his briefcase while slightly tipsy, and we were out the door. I drove (husband was tipsy, plus needed to eat his burrito I had so thoughtfully made while frantically cleaning and looking for car keys), and couldn't find the headlight switch. Decided I should probably drive the car more often. My husband said it felt really weird to sit in the passenger seat, and I wouldn't want him to feel weird -- decided to continue not-driving-often. Went to meeting, had lots of AMAZING homemade beers, wines, and meads, made my husband drink most of them as I had volunteered to drive back home too, and then got back home.
Bed: 11:45pm

Wednesday - Have to: walk dog, go running, pick up friend from airport (7:30-ish), go home, play with dog, take friend to pick up husband and other friend from their Ultimate Frisbee league in Hyde Park (at around 9:15pm), drive to Wicker Park to go to a bar that sponsors their league, get home at some point.
Bed? I'm guessing 1am.

Thursday - Originally: a big fiasco. Now: doable, but still tiring.
Plan A (suggested by the invitation and bachelorette party planners) - Drive from south side to the FAR north side, park, ride back down to River North in a taxi (approx. $14 each way), go to bar at around 10pm, ride back to far north side in taxi, get back in car, drive back to Bridgeport.
Plan B (suggested in update email after I called to say I would be meeting them at the bar as I am a good friend, but that is TOO FAR out of my way) - meet at bar downtown at 7pm. YAY!
Bed? Don't know. But probably not early. But earlier than if Plan A were still in effect.

Friday - Much more mellow. Leaving work early to pick up more friends from the airport. Doing something fun. Potentially dying from lack of sleep.

Happy things!

Before this summer, my husband was really worried that he would hate working at a law firm. He loved his trial/litigation classes, loved being in front of a jury, and was starting to think about going the State's Attorney route or potentially being a trial lawyer (think John Edwards) because those two choices would get him in front of juries vs. behind desks. The drawback is that those two choices don't pay a lot. And when you've had 5 years of additional schooling post-Bachelor's and have loans that are gaining on the $200,000 range, and want to start a family and buy a house soon, it's not so easy to talk about how money isn't everything. His plan was to try this summer at a firm. If he hated it, we'd make something else work. If he liked it, problem solved.

Yesterday, he got an email -- on the Blackberry that he has to carry for the firm -- while at the quasi-mandatory cocktail hour, telling him that he has to do a ton of research, reading, writing, and other worky things and that his life was be pretty stressful for the next few days. Surprisingly enough, he realized how much he likes this firm. He enjoys being around the people. It's a small satellite office of a big firm, so he knows various partners, etc. They are very focused on personal time for their employees. This is the first time he's had to work over his normal amount of working hours, when in law school (or at a big firm) he would be pulling these crazy-no-sleep things twice a week.

So he came home, after finding that he would not be sleeping much this week (worse than me! Horrors!), and was happier with his job than I've ever seen him in any job or school situation. He has also been able to be a bit more confident that he'll get an offer, as he has talked to many people who contend that this company hires summer associate intending to offer them a job. Apparently one must REALLY screw up to not be invited back -- plus, a bunch of attorneys left a while ago, so they need people.

It's really nice to feel like you like your job, and I've nearly broken down quite a few times when he's told me how worried he is about his career. So last night made me cry a little in a good way.

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