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2005-06-08 - 6:28 p.m.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Best Husband Ever!

In honor of our second anniversary (which was yesterday, but we were, um..., busy) I'm going to get a bit goopy and loving. Sorry about that. But here's my (incomplete) list of reasons that I love being married to my husband.

-He proposed to me by writing on a baseball and playing catch.

-He doesn't disown me once a month when I get all hormonal and start crying at TV commercials.

-He does nearly all the driving -- and enjoys it. I have a standing offer out to drive if he wants me to, but he a.) likes driving, b.) gets bored when not driving (he can't read in the car, so all he can do is look out the window), and c.) knows I don't particularly like to drive.

-I've never gotten so many compliments from anyone else. And the really cool part is that they're not just pansy "you look pretty/hot/hey, nice boobs" compliments either. He tends to figure out exactly what I need to hear at that specific moment.

-We want the same things. From dogs to houses to neighborhoods to kids to food. Except for a few minor issues (*cough* hockey teams *cough*), we have the same goals.

-When I do my little attracting vermin thing, he cleans it up for me. And doesn't even hold it over my head later (well, usually).

-He is, officially, the most thoughtful present-buyer in the whole darn world. From my engagement ring to EVERY darn birthday/Christmas present to my first anniversary gift (earrings that match the black opal in my engagement ring), he manages to find exactly what I want. Even when I don't know I want it. For this anniversary, he came in the door with two roses and said I'd be getting one more for every year we were married*. Since the 2nd is the cotton anniversary (seriously. How does one find something meaningful that's cotton?), he gave me an adorable stuffed dog that looks quite a bit like our dog**, and then my real present. Which, HOLY SHIT, was season tickets to the Lyric Opera. I had been hoping for the reduced season package, with 4 operas at weird times. I got 8 operas on weeknights, one of which is on my birthday (Look here if you're wondering about specifics. It's section G). And one of which is Carmen, my favorite. And others are by Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, and Rossini who are ALL amazing -- which is why he saw me agonizing over choosing just 4. He got me tickets to Don Giovanni (AMAZING, by the way) last year for my birthday, so I guess he decided he had to top it somehow.

anniversary gifts

*He then gave me the other 10 because the Jewel on our bus route didn't sell single roses. It's a VERY crappy Jewel. The Dominicks would have, but it's harder to get to without driving and it's too hot to be doing that.

**Which the dog thought was a gift for him. He sat politely wagging his tail (saying please!), and when it didn't look like he'd be getting it he just made a lunge for it. Poor dog. He was probably thinking, "That looks just like my other toys! It must be for me! I'll just make sure she doesn't forget to give it to me."

Dirty Nuts

Downtown often has people standing on corners giving away flyers, coupons, mini-candy bars, pamphlets promoting communism and vegetarianism, and lots of other stuff. I'm a sucker, and therefore have lots of pieces of paper in my bag making for good impromptu bookmarks.

Yesterday, I took a menu from the Chicago Nut Company. It looks like any other menu until you look very carefully. You'll find that in the to 10 reasons to order your nuts from them, number 2 is "Better than sex." It's in among "Boring meetings and "QUALITY." Then also, there's a little cartoon next to that list that has nuts with big shoes and smiles parachuting into Chicago. The problem is that the nuts look like they have, well... nuts. Or as a friend put it, "...or maybe it's just that its butt-crack is in the front?"

I can't decide if it's funny or creepy. So it's hanging above my desk.

Jealous much?

This is the view from my husband's office where he's a summer associate at a law firm. It's pretty darn cool.

Merchandise Mart, Chicago

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