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2005-05-31 - 4:53 p.m.

Weekend as a Timeline


7:30am: Got to work. Work work work.

10:00am: Decided to eat brunch instead of lunch so as to keep from getting too full and therefore retain ability to eat entire Brewer's Dinner at Rock Bottom. (Five course meal with beer pairings and unlimited refills) Ate pancakes. More work.

4:00pm: Went home. Walked the dog. Met up with co-worker's husband.

6:30pm: Got to Rock Bottom, where Mug Club members (including my husband and aforementioned co-worker) were getting free beer. Had some.

7:00pm: Dinner begins.

7:00 - 11:00pm: Dinner. Drooling. LOOOVE the Brewer's Dinner.

11:00pm - 12:00am: Took the Red Line home. Took many weird freaking pictures. Discovered the next day that I should not have a digital camera while drunk.


7:30am: Went to work with co-worker, lending a weird-but-fun friends-on-the-school-bus air to the Orange Line.

12:00pm: Had a fun and very filling lunch with Dawnie.

3:30pm: Met up with Dawnie again and bought shoes while waiting for the SAK to join us. Then went to Rock Bottom (yes, again). Then had more beer and some darn good (though more expensive than I had anticipated) appetizers while watching replay after replay of Mark Prior writhing on the ground clutching his elbow, and muttering to myself, "No, not him. It's can't be," between groans of horror. That got me some sympathetic looks from my dining partners, but I may have scared them with my groaning.* Not sure.

6:30pm: A combination of packing, cleaning, kegging our hefeweizen, and falling asleep in a chair while my husband went to the auto parts store to get windshield wipers.

8:52pm: Me, my husband, the dog, luggage, and a Corny keg of hefeweizen set off for Wisconsin. Just so you know: Corny kegs don't seal until they're pressurized to at least 12psi. So we drove up with the keg bungeed in the back seat next to the dog while it gave off a very strong hefeweizen aroma. We'll just say that my husband drove a little more carefully than normal.

1:30am: Got there. Fell in bed.


6:03am: All four dogs (my in-laws' two, sister-in-law's one, and ours) woke up and INSISTED on going outside to terrorize the birds and fish. Loudly. With incessant whining.

7:02am: The entire family (sans dogs), who usually sleep in and are darn good at it, headed out to breakfast.

9:27am: Got back, watched TV, read, did weekend-y stuff.

1:30pm: Left central Wisconsin for the 2 hour drive to Milwaukee for a college friends' med school graduation party.

2:07pm: Stopped at outlet mall, bought tennis shoes.

4:52pm: Got to party! Saw awesome college friends who we never get to see, got depressed that we never see each other.

6:30pm: Decided to play Beirut** to make myself feel better.

6:37pm: Remembered why I barely ever played this stupid game in college. I'm completely uncoordinated.

6:55pm: Caught ball between my legs then threw it back for a beautiful shot. Also the first shot I made all night, but it was pretty cool anyway.

11:30pm-ish?: Headed back to central Wisconsin. Yes, my husband was driving as he was not silly enough to play Beirut.

At some point: Got back and fell asleep.


Early: Woke up to dogs AGAIN.

Middle: Read, watched tv, fell asleep then woke up to a thunderstorm.

Late: Went to husband's uncle's cottage.

Even later: Got back.


9:00am: Woke up. The dogs weren't barking, they were sleeping. Way to finally adjust, dogs. On the last day.

Later: Lots of random stuff. Swam in the lake, watched the nice strong men in the family put the dock in, baked some cinnamon bread.

7:20pm: Headed back to Chicago. The dog was fast asleep in the back seat and we managed to get the Cubs game in on the radio.

*Note to self: Become able to put aside baseball trauma while interacting with others. Perhaps therapy would help?

**Drinking game that I didn't play more than twice at college, but was very popular at my school. It's the one (I believe it also goes by "Beer Pong"?) that involved throwing in ping-pong ball into cups of beer. If successful, the other team has to drink. If unsuccessful, the game goes on forever.

Weekend in Quotations

"I know your shirt says, 'Baseball isn't boring, YOU ARE,' but I still think it's boring. You should watch more soccer."
~Random Guy at party
"Fuck soccer."
~A very drunk and apparently much-more-belligerent-than-usual Me.

~What I heard from the Cubs game on the radio driving through Fond du Lac, WI.
"And he gets a base hit to center! A run scores..."
~What my husband heard. He got a little annoyed since I was making him repeat every play.

Weekend in Pictures

As usual, if you click on these pics and don't see anything (or much), email me and ask me to add you as a friend. I don't like my picture floating around the internet at random, but if I've spoken to you through email I'll generally add you without a problem.

Rock Bottom Brewer's Dinner:


Party with College Friends:

An interesting throw

The Cottage in Wisconsin:


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