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2005-05-02 - 9:56 a.m.

Hi, new people!

So, Steven at wrote a really funny post this weekend (though it was sad at the same time) and linked me while mentioning my intolerance for Drunken Dumbasses at baseball games. And wow, you Chicago Media Monitor readers are thorough, because I had a lot of damn hits from there.

A few reminders:

-feel free to sign up for the notify list at the bottom of the page. It's no fun to obsessively check for updates if I'm busy working or being drunk (right, like that ever kept me from posting) or lying in bed with a twisted ankle (see below). But I'll email you when I update and you'll be the first to know. And maybe even get some notify-only stories!

-if you're interested in baseball but don't know a lot about it, please submit suggestions for the Baseball for Casual Fans series. I want to help bring people to baseball from easier-to-understand sports like basketball and football, but it will work the best if you all let me know what you'd like me to cover.

-I started a flickr account. If you click on the "my pictures" section on the sidebar, you'll get to see stuff from my life (mostly my dog. Sorry.)! If you're just miserable because you don't know what I look like, then you're going to have to email me and let me know in a couple sentences why you're not a stalker. Because my personal photos are private. I know, I'm paranoid, but I'm also vehemently anti-stalker. But if you're NOT one, I'll happily add you as a friend and you can check out the hotness that is me. (that was me KIDDING, people. I'm not quite that full of myself)

The Party-laden Weekend

Well, all, I made it.

On Friday, right before we were heading out to the first party of the weekend, I twisted my ankle HARD. We can file this under "Reasons why I am not smart and should be supervised" -- but at least I'm now recovered. My husband is studying like mad for his final on Thursday. I therefore generously offered to walk the dog on Friday night (even though he would normally do it since he's home all day and I'm working in the Loop). I was wearing a skirt, heels, and a nice shirt that I was also planning on wearing to the nice restaurant in Wicker Park (see, I do to go to the North Side every once in a while). Instead of putting on tennis shoes to walk the dog (remember, he's 75 lbs. and strong), I decided to just stay in the heels. Because tennis shoes look weird with skirts and I was NOT going to change my entire outfit to walk the dog. I walked him about half a block from my house and he was good! And wasn't pulling hard at all! And then I took a step and my foot went outward while my knee went inward. OWWW. I walked it off mostly, but the muscle running up the outer part of my lower leg is still sore. I mean, I hurt myself a lot, but usually it's more of a "Ow! I mildly hurt myself!" versus an "AHHH!!! MY LEG IS FALLING OFF!"

Fast-forward to Saturday. The trip to Indiana to visit the alma mater was nice. But isn't 25 too young to feel this old? The kids there on campus visit day looked 12 to me.

We came back to Bridgeport to go to the coworkers party. This was a big deal because we NEVER get to go to parties in Bridgeport. All of the 20-something people in Chicago live on the stupid* North Side. The problem, though, was that we had another party to get to out in the suburbs. BLAH. Hate the suburbs**. We got home LATE (for us) -- after 1am. (yes. I'm a pansy. We've fully established that) The main issue was that due to all of this running frantically from place to place was that there was never time for any fun drunkenness. Just enough beer to make me sleepy -- not enough to make me happy and perky.

The best thing about the day? I wore my favorite shirt in the whole world (mine is the green one) and got a multitude of compliments on it. I also got into interesting discussions about various baseball parks (and whether we had been to each) and the Milwaukee Brewers' status as a National League team (and whether they should have stayed in the American League).

*I don't really hate the North Side. I just don't like the attitude that it's the only possible place to live in Chicago. And that there's no parking to be found.

**Again, not so much hate. I don't like the way suburbs are planned or laid out. And I don't like that they're far away from me. And I don't ever want to live there. But I love my friends in the suburbs and I understand why people do live there. It's just not for me.

FINALLY! A gay barista!!!

When I walk around the Loop, I seem to be a magnet for people handing out ads on little sheets of paper. I ALWAYS take them. And while they usually seem to be silly (especially from protestors by the Dirksen Federal Building), many of them have great coupons on them. I am a SUCKER for a coupon.

I got one on Friday for a FREE DRINK, ANY SIZE at the new coffee shop near the Clark/Lake stop. A quick sidebar -- I was so freaking thrilled that the coupon was for a free drink and not a free coffee. Why must people assume that everyone drinks coffee? Tea has as much caffeine as I can handle during a day, and when I drink coffee I get hyper, scary, my heart beats overly fast, and I get a headache. So getting a free coffee coupon is a bit of a tease. Anyway, I went to get my tea this morning. They were obviously new (needed to ask to find the right button for tea on the computer), but were very friendly. I was about to leave when the guy ringing me up (who fulfilled the Gay Barista stereotype beautifully) said, "Great Prada!" I had to think for a minute, then realized he was referring to my $10 fake Chinese Prada purse. I replied, "Thanks! It's from China, though, so I'm not so sure it's real..." He then responded (sounding slightly exasperated), "Why does everyone say that?" Ummm, dude? Maybe because spending $700 on a purse is silly. Just a thought. But I was still pretty thrilled to run into a Real Flamboyantly Gay Barista. It was like a sitcom!

Truncated Entry?

Sorry, all. Real Work calls today. But enjoy the pictures!

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