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2005-04-26 - 1:00 p.m.

Internet, he has arrived.

My husband has a blog! And if you want to know more about the world of music, you need to read it. He'll probably hit on just about every genre you can think of, so go read about what you should be listening to and maybe you'll have an excuse to buy more CDs. Me? I don't need to buy CDs anymore with him around. Probably about a 50 of our over 600 CDs were bought by me (and most of those 50 are classical). With a selection like that (and more appearing nearly every week!), he knows what he's talking about. So go see him at

Yay for new friends!

Okay, my peeps. Dawnie rocks. She called me her "hot lunch date" today!

And yes, we did have fun at lunch. And in the future when I update more often? You can thank her for hooking me up with 21st century computing technology. (if you didn't want me updating more, then blame her.)

There is a dual moral to this story:
1.) Dawnie is way cool.
2.) Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with me.

If you see me today...'ll probably notice that I'm a bit perkier than usual (even with the slightly upset stomach that kept me home from work yesterday and didn't let me drink my wine last night. You know it's bad when I leave a full glass of wine at the table). And there may be some jumping up and down and girlish squeals involved. The reason? I'll be at the Cubs game tonight! Yup, the crazy Cubs fan from Bridgeport is making her way up to the north side! I'm going to be wearing the adorable Cubs jersey I got the other day. Under a whole heck of a lot of layers, sadly. But by the time we got through the JACKED up ticketing system the Cubs use (you know, the one that won't let real fans in to buy tickets, but that is sure to let all of the scalpers buy up the good seats?*), April games were all that was left. And everyone needs to go to April games every few years. It reminds you that hypothermia is a real and present danger. It's like a public service announcement!

The saddest part about this season is that this is the only game we were able to get tickets for all season. Now, yes, we know people who have season tickets who generally keep us in mind when they can't make a game. This will almost definitely NOT be the only game we'll be able to go to all year. But I'm a little hurt by the fact that Cubs games have become the trendy place to see and be seen -- because it means that those of us who are unwilling to give scalpers any of our hard-earned money get screwed.

Okay, rant over. Back to being thrilled about LIVE BASEBALL!!! TONIGHT!

(Confidential to the CTA Red Line: If you EVEN THINK about making me late to this game like you did to the 3 games last season? You will be sorry. I may not be big and strong, but dammit, I'm devious. And I get very grouchy when I don't get to keep score through no fault of my own. Beeyotch.)

*For more about this, check out the The Cub Reporter archives. Or Google "Cubs scalping tickets" -- hooo boy! There are some people out there who are WAY more pissed off than I am.

Things I do that drive my (wonderful, patient) husband crazy:

-The dog had diarrhea late one night last week (poor dog). And because my husband is so wonderful (and because I was seriously passed out from not getting enough sleep) he let him out both times the dog was crying to go out. And I woke up just enough to worry. Not enough to actually stand and let the dog out, but just enough to say, "Didn't he get into the garbage? What if he ate a chicken bone and it's splintered and it's puncturing his stomach?" Then I fell back asleep leaving my poor husband to worry about the dog's punctured stomach until he couldn't sleep. (and the dog is fine. I'm just a freak)

-For some reason on Sunday I became ragingly antisocial. I wanted to go home. We stopped at the grocery store because we didn't want to starve, and I was just crabby and annoying and I don't know why he put up with me. He then got all kind and understanding and wonderful which made me cry. Because I'm a freak. And I couldn't even blame it on hormones because the timing was all wrong. I'm just a jerk sometimes.

-I left the front door unlocked after walking the dog Sunday morning. We left for church out the back door. I realized what I had done right before the sermon and told my husband. He didn't look very worried, so I tried to forget about it. Here's what happened in my head while I tried to forget:
Sane Me: Settle down. No one is thieving in Bridgeport at 10:45am on a Sunday.
Crazy-Ass-Nut-Job Me: But if they break in, the dog will be there! And he'll probably bark and then they'll SHOOT HIM and he'll die and I'll hate myself forever.
SM: No. Even if they DO break in, they would probably just let him out. Or work around him since he probably wouldn't act mean to them anyway.
CANJM: Oh no!!! They'll let the dog out and he'll get hit by a car because he's STUPID around cars!!! They he'll die and I'll hate myself forever!
SM: Hmm... Maybe there is something to be worrying about after all.
Me, whispering to husband during the sermon: I'm worried about the unlocked door. What if someone hurts the dog?
Husband (annoyed): Do you want me to drive home and check?
Me (chagrined): No.
15 minutes later --
Me, still whispering during the sermon: If you give me the keys, I'll drive home and check.
Husband (more annoyed): *gives me annoyed look and turns back to pay attention to the pastor*
I shut up after this point and just stewed about it until we got home (the dog was fine, no one broke in). My husband made fun of me all day about it and then when we were coming home from bowling said, "Wouldn't it be ironic if someone broke in while we were at bowling?" I then replied (loudly -- in fact, one might describe it as "shrieking"), "AHHHH!!! NO!!! WHY WOULD YOU SAY A THING LIKE THAT?" And worried until I got home and discovered I had 4 new ulcers. (okay, that last part isn't true. But I can see it happening at some point!)

-I get extremely pissed off at my sports teams. When they're underachieving or doing things that a non-professional like me knows are stupid (yes, Dusty. I'm talking to you. About the Hawkins fiasco this weekend. Email me -- I have some advice for you), I tend to be unable to avoid SCREAMING at the TV (or players. It happens when I'm at games, too). I'll get so frustrated that my poor husband then gets dragged in and aggravated and then gets frustrated at me for having no patience. I'm working on this one -- sometimes I can keep it to myself. But I'm always just a horrible play/decision away from becoming a screaming lunatic. Beware.

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