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2005-04-01 - 3:50 p.m.

Is to Engrish the funny?

Has everyone seen Engrish never fails to delight. It's the opposite of Americans' tendency to get tattoos of Chinese or Japanese characters that they think mean something really deep like, "I love you," but instead say something nonsensical like, "I forever you."

It's wonderful because it makes no sense, but it's done mainly by the Japanese (the Chinese aren't as intrigued by Western culture as a rule) to make products seem cool. Read the FAQ at for more.

Now that I have the introduction out of the way, I have to share some of my husband's brilliant photos from China and Japan. He took both funny and beautiful shots, but only the funny is going up here. There are over 100 pics -- I have to limit myself somehow...

Cable Car Warning

Cultural Relic

China Wine List
This one isn't as self-explanatory. It's a wine list in a restaurant (that's also why it's blurry and dim).

Trash Can

Get Off Section?

Hi, Merky!

Reserved for...

White Trash

Pot Delivery Service

And finally... Not Engrish... But a guaranteed means of brightening up your day...

Behold: Pandas Doing It.

Happy Pandas

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