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2005-03-30 - 7:37 p.m.

I'm so much less pathetic now! My husband is home!

I went to pick him up from the airport yesterday and took the beautiful dog. The dog flirted out the window with many a semi truck driver (it was cute -- they were waving out their windows at him). We got to the airport, pulled up, and he noticed my husband. The tail started going, he was jumping around the car, and then my husband walked around to the back of the car to put his luggage in the trunk. As soon as he went out of sight, the dog let out this horrific, "AAHAHAWWWOOOOHHHAAA" thing that sounded like equal parts bark, howl, and scream. It was one of the cutest/saddest things I've ever heard.

But anyway, I'm very happy, also too busy ummm... cuddling to post much. (Let's keep this PG rated, shall we?) I'll try to think of something fun to post tomorrow. For now, here's a run down of my presents. Also, much ammunition for prosecuters going after piracy. Yarrr...

-Fake Prada Purse! I don't really like designer labels, but he got me a very realistic looking (and also tasteful) purse for around $10 that would be around $500 probably if it were real. I feel somewhat like a tool while carrying it around town, but hey. I would be more of a tool if I had bought it. (no offense to you real-Prada-owning peeps!)

-Many seasons of HBO shows on DVD! Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, and Deadwood. And they look really good, too!

-Pretty and functional tiny teapot! It's glass and has a nice big infuser.

-Cool decorative teapot! Now very broken. It didn't survive the airplane trip. But we're going to work on gluing it back together -- otherwise we'll label it an Ancient Artifact.

-Two pretty skirts! That don't fit me. Because I'm not shaped like your average Chinese woman. I have hips. Not scary hips, but not hips that will allow me into the skirts. My husband is sad about this, but he didn't spend enough money on them for me to be too broken up about it.

-Tea! Some regular green tea and some weird tea that smells good but looks really scary. Mmmm.... Tea...

And for other people, he found some awesomely hilarious engrish t-shirts in Tokyo. I can't remember most of what they say and I'm too lazy to stand up and look, but they're awesome.

Due to the thunderstorm getting ever closer, I have to bow to my fear of lightning coming through the phone cord and blowing up both me and the computer. Eeek!

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