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2005-03-25 - 6:50 p.m.

Why, Gmail, WHY...

My blog-related Gmail account is locked. Gmail has decided that I am a spammer or some other such unsavory email-type character. So just so you know? If you have a stat counter or other such meter, and one of your referring links is from gmail? For the love of all that is holy, DON'T CLICK ON IT. It will try to load, try to load, try some more, not succeed, and pop up with a little friendly message saying, "Due to potential naughtiness, we've locked your account so you can't email anyone back for 24 hours even though you were in the middle of writing a really long email to Dawnie." Okay, you've caught me. It didn't really say that. I ABUSED QUOTES! SOMEONE ALERT GMAIL - THEY SHOULD LOCK MY QUOTE-ABILITIES! Haaaaate. So if you're expecting me to email you back? And I don't? It's because Gmail is holding your email hostage. Maybe even for ransom.

So anyway.
I ran into a tree yesterday. No, I lied. My dog pulled me into a tree yesterday. My sweet, loving, whiny, 75 lb. dog saw the neighbor dog out in our mutual fenced yard from across the street on our walk. I successfully managed to prevent his headlong rush across the street, and then (brilliantly) decided to run with him across the street. Ever tried it? Running behind something that can run WAY freaking faster than you can? Yeah, it means that your stopping and turning and avoiding-large-object abilities aren't so great. And the dog saw the (very large, non-pliant) tree at about the same time I did -- he turned, I had just enough time to drop the leash and throw up my hands. Luckily the dog was only interested in his friend dog, as I'm not in the habit of letting him wander the streets of Chicago's south side, and also luckily my hand prevented my nose from being broken. I'm never running with the dog again.

The end is near!

My husband is coming home soon! On Tuesday! Or maybe even Monday if a few random things come together! I know, you all think that it's fun to hear my whine about things. But I promise, I'll still whine when he's home. It'll just be less pathetic.

Just to make sure you're not worried, here is a little list of whiny bits. Enjoy.

-Holy cow it's cold in Chicago right now. And it's half-raining/half-snowing.

-I just spent far more money than I probably should have on some pretty amazing face stuff. I'm excited about the yummy smelling spritzy toner and the lovely moisturizer, but I had better not have to buy more of this stuff for a damn long time. Guilt!

-I'm sorry, dog. The weather I mentioned above is preventing you from getting your normal evening walk. Please stop looking at me with those miserable puppy eyes. You hate this weather more than I do, you just want to pee over other dogs' pee. Which can wait until morning. So STOP WHINING.

-My TiVo remote wasn't working! For 2 days it was sending me to random channels because only some of the buttons were working only some of the time. It was horrible. But I finally figured out (it took me a while. Shut up) how to get the battery compartment door open and I was able to change the batteries. And the reason I figured out how to get it open? Because it was preventing me from changing to the Food Network and I missed FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of Good Eats. That bitch remote still doesn't know what hit it. Try to come between me and Alton Brown and I will BEAT YOU. But for a while there I was starting to wonder if the entire house was falling apart. I was pretty convinced that it was pouting because my husband was gone. But no! I have conquered! (just this part. Wait until the part of my house breaks down. Or worse -- the car! No!!! Please don't let me have jinxed the car!)

-I'm a dork. I was walking through the alley this morning while the dog sniffed every garbage can, and I noticed KAOS DV8 (the A was an anarchy symbol) painted on a door. My first thought was not "Stupid idiot people and their dumb graffiti," it was "Aww! That person is also a fan of Get Smart! KAOS! Ha!" Umm, me? It's probably just a punk teenager. Duh.

-I had two beers last night and this led to the milk getting left out all night. I looked in the fridge and noticed a tasty-looking beer. I hadn't had a single drink since my husband has been gone (wow, 2 weeks!) and so I figured mmm... a beer with dinner... But the beer went to my head much faster than usual -- so I had another one. I noticed the milk that I had used in the mac&cheese sitting on the counter this morning. At least I didn't leave a burner on!

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