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2005-03-20 - 10:34 a.m.

My day yesterday was not worth writing about. I tried a Cadbury Creme Egg because I have PMS and wanted chocolate. I thought maybe the PMS would make me hate it less -- but no. I hate those vile things more now than ever. Gak. There was much eating of french toast and watching of DVDs. That's about it. But my dog had a story! So I'll tell that.

We went on a walk all the way over by Comiskey (Sox Park if you prefer. I'm not calling it U.S. Celluar Field. I'm just not). On the way back we got to watch a big tractor-y thing tearing down a house and there were these two CPD cops sitting in their car watching (there aren't many drug deals to bust up in Bridgeport, I guess). The cop called my dog over, said he was beautiful (the dog says, "I know! Can I lick you?"), and so he got to jump up and put his muddy paws in a police car and lick the policemen. Fun times were had by all.

I think I've figured out the whole inserting images thing. So in honor of my lonely dorkiness, here is a picture of my beautiful dog.

This picture shows him being good. He's neither biting my arms nor my shoes. Also, he's not whining. He's about 3 nano-seconds away from whining, but still.

Lest you think he's just naughty, I have a story from a while ago about how he's also a bad-ass security dog. He doesn't really bark much unless he's frustrated at us and wants attention. I've never heard him bark at the mailman, and our visitors are safe from barking as well (though they are not safe from being jumped on. Sorry -- we're working on it). But one night I was about to get in bed, my husband was gone, and I had nothing on but my bathrobe. And the doorbell rang. I would normally answer the door (usually it's just a delivery guy looking for the person who lives downstairs), but I wasn't expecting anyone and I had a creepy feeling. So I let the doorbell ring again. The dog had run over to me the first time, tail wagging, apparently thinking, "Someone's here! For me to jump on! I love everything!" But the second time, when I didn't go to the door, he went to the window and started growling, snarling, barking, and just generally sounding like he was just a thin door away from ripping the visitor limb from limb. I was surprised, but he's since done it a few more times. He'll be happy to see you if I want to see you, but if I don't you'd better make sure you're not trying to break in. He'll kick your ass. I remember that when I'm taking my shoe away from him for the 2345th time.

And that coffee table in the background? We've gotten a new one since then. Once that's not broken even! I know! Amazing!

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