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2005-03-14 - 1:44 p.m.

APB: Out of Books! Ahhhh!!!
So, anyone who wants to email me ( with a book recommendation will have my eternal gratitude. If I like the book, obviously. Here are my requirements:
-Not sad. Happy endings only, please. I like a sad book now and then, but this next few weeks aren't the time.
-Fairly easy to read. Dostoevsky is fine in his place, but I can't deal with him when reading on the train or while emotionally fragile.
-Preferably paperbacks so they're cheap and I can then feel good about bookcrossing them.

Things That Are Sad - or, No, I'm Not Out of My Funk Yet

-An Eddie Money "Where's the Party" cassette tape lying in the dirty corner between the building and the sidewalk on South Halsted (sad in many ways. It's like a Rorschach test. Also, somewhat post-modern).

-The dog whining in the middle of the night - not because he has to go out because we tried that, but apparently because he's confused as to why his other owner hasn't come home yet. (no, I'm not transferring. He's just never done that before so it's the only thing I can think of that is changed.)

-Waiting for baseball season to start while Kerry Wood already has to get MRIs on his shoulder. My optimism is being slowly killed by the Cubs. Like Chinese Water Torture. Injury - DROP. Raising ticket prices - DROP. Can't get tickets even at the more expensive price because it's become the trendy thing to do - DROP. Joe Borowski as closer again - DROP. Jimmy Buffet playing two concerts at Wrigley Labor Day weekend (I'm sorry. He whines and TribCo is pandering) - DROP. Annoying, isn't it? I promise I'm still an optimist -- it's just a frustrating time to be listening to sports talk radio.


-My poor dog is going to be home for nearly 10 hours alone today because I'm a single-dog-parent now that my husband is in China. And he needs more dog food. Maybe we'll go on a car ride to Target tonight since car rides are THE BEST THING EVER in his cute little dog brain.

-I'm out of good tea so I'm drinking Lipton. It's not horrible, but it's no longer an enjoyable break in my day.

-What was the deal with this weekend? Can people stop going on random shooting sprees in WI and GA? And the Lefkow murders situation makes me miserable. Poor Judge Lefkow, poor her family, poor man who had such a horrible life and became so mentally unstable that he could do something like that. And how could anyone deal with being the only family member to survive a church service like the poor person from Gurnee who went to the church in Wisconsin?

Things That Are Happy

-My crush, Alton Brown, did a "Good Eats" episode about BREWING! AND IT'S ON MY TiVo! Just waiting for me to watch it! I'm saving it for when my husband gets back because he'll be almost as excited as I am. But I might have to watch it once first. I don't know if I can last 2 weeks with it beckoning to me every time I look at my list.

-I got a new purse from H&M. It's pink and spring-ish and may just convince me that spring is coming even though in Chicago March is basically a month that beats you when you're down.

-My sweet disposable fountain pen with purple ink. It writes like I'm not even using a pen at all. And when I get bored, I can play with it until it squirts ink out all over my hand and my paper.

-How happy my dog is when I take him for walks. And how he saw a squirrel about 20 feet up a tree this morning and launched all 75 lbs. of himself about 10 feet upwards then tried to grab at the tree with his claws like he was going to climb it. It should be some sort of Olympic event for dogs.

-Winter in Chicago means that no one is surprised if you have hat hair. In fact, not having hat hair makes you look like somewhat of an idiot. Therefore, time spent on styling hair is cut quite substantially in the mornings.

-Streetwise is currently showcasing pets! There are some adorable pictures in this issue, and it's a dollar that will help homeless people build the skills to support themselves. If you're in the Chicago area, I highly recommend looking for a Streetwise vendor (I bought mine on the corner of Clark and Madison today).

-The area surrounding the Lyric Opera is just covered in people walking around with musical instruments. It's odd to see someone in a coffeeshop with a cello case rigged up as a backpack. And a backpack trombone case. Where were these cool cases when I was playing the saxophone in high school?

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