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2005-02-18 - 9:15 p.m.

Diary of a Friday Alone

5:45pm - Kiss husband goodbye as he goes to sub in a friend's bowling league. (it's karma -- if you've ever had to pay to miss a week, you know)

5:46 - Go online to check email before I start productivity (cleaning, doing dishes, making Bailey's-clone Irish Cream*)

5:59 - Just going to follow one only one this time link in Jen's list o' blogs she likes.

6:31 - Ha! You rock, Jen! Without you would never have found Susie Sunshine and that would be horrible because she's hilarious and love her. And would go to Ikea for her if the one in Bolingbrook were completed. (Not even I am worth going to Schaumberg voluntarily)

6:57 - Shit. Must get started on dishes.

6:58 - Log off internet, walk out to sink, view massive pile of neglected dishes.

6:59 - Decide to make Irish Cream before doing dishes.

6:59.25 - No! Recipe is still online! HATE DIALUP HATE.

7:04 - Back online (finally). Realize need to copy recipe into diary.

7:09 - Can't print from this computer, so try to decide which is worse -- running back and forth from kitchen to front room or finding pen and paper.

7:11 - Realize I'm using a FREAKING LAPTOP. Doesn't have to be plugged in and kept in one room. Feel stupid.

7:12 - Back in Kitchen, but CAN'T FIND IRISH WHISKEY!

7:14 - Found in wine rack. Why?

7:17 - Realize am getting frustrated by silence, but decide cannot go over to turn on TV or music because will INCREASE the amount of time needed to begin enjoying end product. Must play through the pain.

7:20 - Worried won't be strong enough (yes. am pansy.) to open the whiskey, but it opens right up. Must solve this mystery... Oh yes! Husband was practicing to see if he could be big-shot hard-liquor drinking lawyer and so had some last week.**

7:31 - All ingredients mixed to Irish-Cream-like consistency. ACK! Have nothing to put finished product in! Possibilities:
-2 liter Coke bottle (pro: has cap! cons: have no funnel. And hooking up
bottling hose used for beer bottling is no small project)
-Jar with no lid (pro: limited pourability cons: no lid. And the numbers on the side say cups. Think I just made more than 2 cups < quick addition > yes. more than 2 cups.
-bowl with lid (pro: lid! con: hard to get liquid out without spilling)

7:36 - Gave up and put entire blender thingy (sans bottom-motor part) into fridge.

7:37 - Must do dishes. Will reward self with early tastings when dishes done.

7:38-8:13 - Dishes, dishes, dishes. Had dog and his Brillo-pad tongue help with especially difficult pan from dinner. (shut up. Cleaned thoroughly afterwards. No germs left) Played with dog to reward him for helping. More dishes.

8:14 - Mostly done with dishes! And a pan needs to soak, so I'm done! For now! Irish Cream!

8:17 - Mmmm... Tasty even before has sat for required time...

8:30 - Mmmm... Maybe will have just one more taste before starting on more cleaning. Can pour extra because will have no more until tomorrow at least!

9:10 - Had to have other taste then! It was yoummmy. Am lightweithg/cheap date. But had to because was only ice left so was then or nwever. Ha! Take thta Bowling! Recommend all make recipe becdause is Better Than Bailey's.

*Quasi-Bailey's Irish Cream

-equivalent of 2 eggs (If you value your digestive system, you'll get a pasteurized egg substitue)
-1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
-1-1/2 cups Jameson's Irish Whiskey (or a rye or brandy)
-1 cup Half & Half (or "coffee rich")
-1-1/2 tablespoon Hershey's chocolate syrup
-1 teaspoon instant coffee

-In blender, combine all ingredients well. Store in refrigerator for at least one day, but not too long. (ha! Right!)

**Answer: No. He's more of a beer type, and so the ice melted and it got all water and he just gave up on it and dumped the rest.

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