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2005-02-15 - 9:59 a.m.

Valentineís Day Review

This will be short. Not because I donít want to talk about it, but in the interest of not scarring any prim and proper people who happen upon this page.
My husband rocks. So much. He created the sexiest afternoon EVER. Iím still somewhat excited about it the day after. I wish I could expound on that, but again Ė Iím going to try to keep it PG-rated.
I actually feel bad because I got him normal gifts! Not that I didnít put thought into it Ė I did Ė but they werenít exceptional, over the top, thinking-about-that-afternoon-for-months kind of presents.

Commuting Rant Of The Day*

Dear CTA,

Iím generally a fairly vocal proponent of your public transit system. Iíve turned quite a few people onto riding the CTA as an alternative to driving (and therefore polluting, spending too much money on gas and parking, and spending a third of the day in a car).


Your Orange Line Halsted stop lets people out through all seven turnstiles, but apparently you donít want customers to pay to get on. Because only three (two plus a handicap door) allow anyone into the station. Then when the handicap door and one of the turnstiles stop accepting farecards, only one turnstile is left for anyone to use!

Now, in some stations, this might not be a problem. People walk to the station and get there at varied times Ė they can form a short line and get through. This station, however, gets much of its ridership from busses. What does that mean for that lone working turnstile? Youíve got it Ė huge masses of people (20-30 at a time) all trying to get through that poor, abused turnstile while they listen to trains arriving and departing over their head.

Please also let me know why you do this, darling CTA, on the ONE day I actually have to get to work at a specific time.

I imagine this as an easy fix. Just turn the exit only turnstiles into both-direction turnstiles and everyone is happy! If itís not so easy, Iíd at least like an explanation as to why not.

Thank you for your attention.

In a small way, this was also my fault. I overslept somehow this morning (that never happens!) and woke up when the dog sneezed loudly (Seriously Ė it shook the bed! Thanks, wonderful dog!) 5 minutes after I would normally have left the house. Perhaps I got used to the alarm and am suddenly turning it off in my sleep? Or I was just exhausted from previous nightís activities (see above)...
Still, I wouldnít have had to run through the Loop and get splashed by a bus (because I was running and not paying attention to the world around me) and not get breakfast if the Orange Line would have allowed me to enter.

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