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2005-02-07 - 9:47 a.m.

I spent much of the weekend successfully avoiding the laundry. I’m regretting this now, as it means I have to do around 4 loads tonight and may have to go grocery shopping also.
Means of laundry avoidance:
-Called about broken cell phone finally. (turns out it’s a problem with the system in Chicago and there are LOTS of people who are unable to receive phone calls. You’d think that after a week of this they’d either have it fixed or would offer more than a $5 credit? Nope.)
-Did so many dishes. This wasn’t as much intended to help me avoid the laundry as it was a necessity to keep science experiments from growing.
-Snuck onto the computer while the husband was taking law-school-breaks. This allowed me to catch up on a few different sites, but mainly Jennsylvania and Dooce.
-Picked up dog poop in the backyard. It’s amazing the poop that can be found after a few feet of snow melts. I’d much rather do it in 20 degree weather than 50 degree weather, though – there’s a big difference between hardened, non-smelly poop and rain-soaked poop that blends in with the mud. (But surely picking up waterlogged dog poop is worse than laundry? Well, depends on the weekend, but this weekend it was definitely higher on the list of fun-things-to-do...)
-Watched the (crappy) Super Bowl at a friends’ place. This included eating far too much, preventing the dogs from eating salsa (successful) and giardinera off the pizza (unsuccessful), thinking murderous thoughts toward Gary Bettman since I can’t even convey how much I would rather have been watching hockey, and coming back too late for any last minute productivity before the work week. But it was entirely worth it because of our beer geyser! We took some homebrew in a mini-keg, noticed that the bottom had dented out (and didn’t think anything of it), and then went to open it in their kitchen. I said, “Hey husband. You should probably open that over the sink.” (some spurting is normal) He said, “Good idea!” and moved to the sink. Then he popped the top, felt successful because the little wisp of air came up like when a bottle cap is removed, and then watched helplessly as stout shot ceiling-wards – stopped only by the brim of his hat and the ceiling. This required some clean-up (especially with the next eruption seconds later), but was pretty much the highlight of the night. We’re guessing it was a bottling sugar issue, but whatever it was it made my day. Anytime it rains beer I’m pretty happy.

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