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2005-02-04 - 11:50 a.m.

-Extremely necessary addition to the favorite views list:
The Orange Line between the Halsted and Roosevelt stops. More specifically (and probably only useful to those who know the area well, but hey, it could be useful...), between 18th and State. Itís always one of the cooler views in town (for the lucky few who fly into Midway then take the el to the Loop!) because itís the skyline from the perfect angle. No disrespect meant to all of the from-out-on-Lake-Michigan shots, but it manages to make the buildings seem far more piled-on-top-of-each-other and artistic. At sunrise, though, it FAR surpasses all of the other favorites.
Choices include:
-the exciting sun-glow-off-the-windows-and-glass-buildings (always a winner)
-gray, cold, snowy, but imposing
-and my extra-special-favorite (todayís! It was like winning the cool-view lottery!) Ė the lots of translucent fog that gets lighter until it disappears right at the top of the Sears Tower, so the only part of the skyline with sunrise-y bright glowing colors was its antennae.

Okay, now that Iím done drooling on myself. I think I may need to get less excited about daily events?

ACK! I think I just got the worst song ever in my head for NO apparent reason. The one (I think itís by Bette Midler) that goes, ďsome say love, itís like a river...Ē and makes me want to insert something suction-y into my ear to remove it. Hmmm... I donít think Iíve heard or thought of that song for around 10 years when an acquaintance of mine performed it at the Pops Concert in high school. Where did it come from? Maybe Iíve at least gotten it into someone elseís head Ė I think that may be proven to be the only way to cure it? Must think of new non-horrible song...

-Some fun web sites
Iíve decided that I spend too much time on Gapers Block . They rock Ė go there now especially if you live in the Chicagoland area, but I get somewhat grouchy when they donít update often enough which may be a sign of addiction. I spend a lot of time nodding in agreement when I go there Ė itís all about feeling validated.

I love this web site. I looked out the window this morning on the el between the Washington/Wells and Clark/Lake stops and saw a little post with a sign that called it a ďstinger.Ē It looked like it had little gas pump nozzles attached to it. So since Iíd never noticed that before (I almost always have a book on the train, but right now Iím between books and canít decide what to read next...) I went here and discovered the detailed answer. Sometimes I just love the internet.

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